• What was your first impression of the girl in the hijab/tudung?
  • Do you think that women should/can be as aggressive as men?
  • What do you feel about people who don’t dress/behave in a similar way to other people?
  • What is your opinion of Kubra Dagli?
  • Why has she created a controversy?

Joseph Schooling, this is what you did for your country | The New Paper


Joseph Schooling won Singapore’s first Olympic gold in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Although Singapore had won silver and bronze before, the citizens were generally ambivalent about the wins because they were won by Chinese born table tennis players. (The notion is that it is not respectable to “buy” talent.) It has also sparked debate on what is required to nurture a champion – is it the government’s responsibility, the family, or do societal expectations also play a part?


This morning, my eight-year-old daughter spontaneously decided to pick up a Singapore flag and wave it at the TV screen.

Joseph Schooling, you did that.

After standing for Majulah Singapura, she declared that she would one day be an Olympic gold medal winner, because she lives in Singapore. And Singaporeans win gold medals now.

Schooling’s butterfly effect will be felt for days, weeks and years to come. Kids will swim, run, jump and throw further and faster, thanks to Schooling.

Parents will hopefully acknowledge the value of incorporating a practical work-life balance for their children, thanks to Schooling’s remarkably supportive and understanding family.

  • What is the value of sports for a country?
  • Should countries invest in sports even if the athletes cannot win at international games? Why or why not?
  • Should sports be used to further a country’s political ambitions?