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Researcher Mary Carskadon and others at Brown University foundthat the human brain has a marked shift in its sleep/wake pattern during adolescence.

Researchers around the world corroborated those findings. At the onset of puberty, nearly all humans (and most mammals) experience a delay of sleep timing in the brain. As a result, the adolescent body does not begin to feel sleepy until about 10:45 p.m.

At the same time, medical researchers also found that sleep patterns of younger children enabled them to rise early and be ready for learning much earlier than adolescents.

In other words, the biology of the teenage brain is in conflict with early school start times, whereas sleep patterns of most younger children are in sync with schools that start early.


  • Why do you think that this research is only available now? If this is a physical problem, it must have been known for a long time.
  • What are some issues when there isn’t enough sleep?
  • One suggestion to counter this problem is starting school later. What might some obstacles to this be?