Slims River: Climate change causes ‘river piracy’ in Canada’s Yukon | BBC


A team of scientists say a melting glacier in Canada’s Yukon has caused a river to completely change course.

The glacial lakes used to feed two river systems – the Slims River and the Kaskawulsh River – but when water from one lake poured through the channel into another, it cut the Slims off from its water source.

The event is known as river piracy or stream capture, and can take thousands of years. But the researchers documented the piracy of the Slims River in just one spring.

The change in the river’s flow affected the whole landscape. Sheep are now grazing on the exposed river bank, while other rivers in the area are running high. Fish population, wildlife and lake chemistry will continue to be affected, the study noted.


The ocean is warming 70% more per decade than we thought


  • Why was the data wrong?
  • Because the date was not right, what was the result?
  • Now that they have rectified the error, what are the implications of this?
  • What can be done to arrest climate change?

The “Gateway To The Underworld” In Siberia Was Created By Climate Change | IFLScience

Article here:

The fissure and craters only appeared in recent decades, after large swathes of forests were cleared for industrial activity. Local residents have branded it as a “gateway to the underworld” and have surrounded the crater with fear and superstitions, The Siberian Times reports. Since it is found in a remote region of one of Earth’s coldest corners, the origin of the crater has remained relatively unknown. A recent expedition, however, has found it’s growing and it’s looking like climate change is the culprit.