The Mammoth Pirates | REFRL

Hunting for mammoth tasks can be financially rewarding, but is causing severe environmental damage.


  • Is it better than poaching?
  • How can this new form of ‘poaching’ be controlled?

Tampines set to use ‘green’ pesticide in HDB bin chutes | Today Online

The new method comes as a relief for Tampines resident Tang Wai Cheng, who squirms whenever she sees cockroaches near the chute at her home during thermal fogging. “The new method is better for the environment,” said the clinic assistant. “It’ll also help people with asthma, like me, who would close the windows whenever fogging is conducted.”

Pampered pets vs Abused animals

Cat food/toy – Source:

Pampered Pets – Source:

Yulin – Source:

Farm Animals – Source:


  • Do animals have a good life now?
  • Should people become vegetarian if they love animals?
  • What do you consider as animal abuse?
  • What can be done for animals that are bred for food or work?
  • Should animals be kept in zoos?
  • Should animals be used for entertainment?