The Mammoth Pirates | REFRL

Hunting for mammoth tasks can be financially rewarding, but is causing severe environmental damage.


  • Is it better than poaching?
  • How can this new form of ‘poaching’ be controlled?

Astronomers report 234 signals that could be aliens | Tech Insider



  • Does this hypothesis make sense – that aliens are trying to send messages to us?
  • Should Earth send messages to space in the hope that aliens can find us?

Obama Advocates Dialogue, not Censorship | Upworthy



  • What is your response when somebody says something you don’t agree with?
  • Between discussion of a topic that you don’t agree with, or shutting up the other person, which would be your choice? Why?

Calling Sweden. You Will Soon Be Connected to a Random Swede, Somewhere in Sweden’ | The New York Times

To gin up interest in the country, a Swedish tourism agency created the Swedish Number, 46-771-793-336, a single phone line that connects international callers to randomly selected Swedish volunteers to chat about whatever is on their minds.

The Swedish Number’s website invites callers to “talk about anything you want.” After I dialed the number (callers from the United States should dial 011 first; international rates apply), an automated voice responded: “Calling Sweden. You will soon be connected to a random Swede, somewhere in Sweden.”


  • Would you call the number? What would you ask? What would you talk about?
  • Do you think this is a good idea to introduce your culture to the world?
  • What are some issues that could result?
  • Would this idea work for your country?
  • What other ways can we foster relationships between people/culture/nations?

Fish |

What is fish to you?

Notes to teacher:

The video is 1 min 5 sec. Half the class can watch the video first (until 00:25), the other half can watch the next half up to 00:57.

Students should describe what they see on the video. If it is a stronger class, they can focus on the emotions displayed on the people.

Other discussion questions:

  • Do you (sincerely) thank the people who do things for you?
  • Do you take things for granted?
  • How can we help other people?