A simple exercise from a mindfulness workshop developed at Google can help beat anxiety before it starts | Business Insider

Read here: http://www.businessinsider.sg/search-inside-yourself-how-to-beat-anxiety-before-it-starts-2016-11/?r=US&IR=T#CDKgJYr8SpvAyAxI.97

“Emotions are actually feelings in the body.”

Here’s how it works: Starting at the top of your head, check in with every part of your body and notice how it feels. Are your cheeks hot? Are your fists clenched? You might be experiencing anger. Or, is your heart pounding? Are your palms sweating? You might be experiencing anxiety.

This might seem like kindergarten stuff — everyone over the age of five knows what anger and anxiety feel like. But the point here is to catch the negative feeling while it’s still simmering, before it spirals out of control.

At SIY, we practiced the body scan for 15 minutes, though you can easily do a 10-second version. Either way, use it as an opportunity to notice what’s going on in your body and get curious about it. What might you be feeling and why? Simply labeling the emotion, and accepting it, can decrease its intensity.


  • Do you often feel anxious? Why? What are some ways to calm yourself down?
  • Do you think this tip will work for you? Why (not)?

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